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17th Annual Regatta 2017

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  We appreciate your interest in Mainstay’s Annual Regatta. Thank you for visiting our website. Regatta rates for this year are as follows: 1.) Lake View Double Cabins: $40,000 2.) Lake View Honeymoon Suites: $40,000 3.) Garden Setting Double Cabins: $35,000 4.) Toucan...

Vehicle Sound Clash 2016

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The Management and Staff of Lake Mainstay Resort are scheduled to host the captioned event on Saturday 3rd December, 2016 at the Resort’s Beach, Essequibo Coast. Package of Attractions: Fourteen (14) categories in vehicle sounds as per prize sheet attached After Party – Pream’s...

12th Annual Regatta & Stage Show will have $3M in Prizes

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Lake Mainstay Resort will be hosting the above mentioned event on Sunday 12th August, 2012 at our magnificent fresh water lake. The gates will be opened from 09:00 hrs and the Regatta commences at 11:00 hrs and the Stage Show immediately after the presentation of cash prizes and...