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Price: USD $94
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A view inside of the “Eight-Persons” cabin

The Quakabuka Lodge is located in a cozy corner for a lot of privacy. It has its own vehicle parking area and is much secured. This lodge will be a great choice for large family groups since it could accommodate a minimum of 24 persons! However, Lake Mainstay Resort allows only 4 persons in the individual cabins which are priced at GYD $18,240 each. Additionally, one of these cabins have one queen sized bed and six single beds which makes it capable of comfortably accommodating eight persons! If guests desire to include additional persons in any one of these cabins they can do so by paying an additional charge. The eight-persons cabin is priced at GY $31,920.

These cabins offer a window view of the lake.


  • Type: Two bedrooms
  • Occupancy: 4 Persons
  • Bed: Queen Sized
  • Amenities: Air Conditioning Unit, Refrigerator, Television, Wi-Fi, Telephone, Seating (rocking chairs) & Wardrobe
  • Front Porch: Yes
  • Fully Self-Contained