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One of the trademarks of Lake Mainstay Resort is its warm reception for all guests. The check in area which is usually referred to as the “front desk” is the area that guests can access most of the services the resort has to offer. Guests can use their cabin phones and call the front desk by pressing zero (0). Some of the services available at reception includes: placing orders for meals, obtaining fishing rods or tennis balls with rackets, make payments, make new reservations, request room service, request the use of the pools table and request assistance for any problems with accommodation, meals, etc. The Reception area is equipped with a convenience store and a lobby bar.

The Lobby Bar is usually referred to as the exclusive bar. It is always well stocked and is conveniently located for persons using the restaurant to purchase beverages of their choice.

The Convenience Store offers guests the option of purchasing items they may have forgotten at home or items they may just want to buy. Bathing suits, shorts, slippers, floatation toys, diving gears, cosmetics and so much more are available for sale in our convenience store.