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LMR is very committed to ensuring all guests visiting have the confidence of feeling secured with peace of mind. In cases of health emergencies, there is a Health Centre right outside the gate of the Resort’s Compound. This location can give immediate medical attention to anyone in need even at unusual hours since the medical workers live around the Resort. There is also the Suddie Public Hospital which can handle much more advanced cases of persons in need of urgent medical attention. There are always vehicles on the location and in the Community to ensure that transportation is readily available in the event of an emergency. Additionally, there is an airstrip about 3 minutes’ drive outside the compound which can be used for medevac standby if there is a need for quick dashes to Ogle to get to Georgetown for medical attention in a jiffy.

The Resort is staffed with 24 hours security personnel. Additionally, the Managing Director with his Managers along with some staff stay at the location, thus, providing additional security for guests. However, the resort is on an Amerindian reservation and is very safe. With no criminal activities occurring in the Mainstay/Whyaka Amerindian Reservation, guests are totally safe in a remote location with easy access to medical services.