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The Cinderella Lodges


Here are 50 reasons why you must visit us:

  1. We are Guyana’s largest resort (Could accommodate 160 overnight visitors)
  2. The environment is healthy
  3. We will professionally meet your every need
  4. We have very courteous staff
  5. We received a Presidential Award in the year 2000
  6. We won the 2011 Tourism Excellence Award from the Ministry of Tourism
  7. Our cabins boasts full self-containment
  8. The resort has paradise looking features
  9. It’s a part of a tri-lake experience
  10. You can see the most beautiful sunrise
  11. You can hear the waves whilst relaxing on the lake shore
  12. Lots of different species of birds travel here everyday
  13. Healthy freshly cooked food is our trademark
  14. We serve freshly made fruit juices
  15. We can serve your food at any location in the compound
  16. You can enjoy a bonfire whilst having dinner
  17. You will get personalized attention
  18. You can camp in the forest
  19. The breeze on the beach will take away your stress
  20. You can watch birds feeding their chicks
  21. We have hidden adventures that we do not advertise
  22. You can get fresh coconut water
  23. You can camp out on the beach
  24. You can see a million stars
  25. You don’t have to worry about your children they are in safe hands
  26. You can enjoy a deafening silence like you have never had before
  27. You can enjoy mango, golden apple, cashew, awara, kuru, coconut, sorrel, cherry, jamoon, lime and so much more fruits which are grown right here in the compound (Seasonal)
  28. You can make herbal tea with lime leaf, papaya leaf, neem leaf, pear leaf, fever grass (lemon grass), sweet broom, corila vine or with the miracle leaf (leaf of life)
  29. We have the sweetest pineapple in the world (No Kidding)
  30. You can do your own barbecue
  31. We can plan your wedding
  32. You can venture the forests and explore wildlife
  33. You can drive all the way here and park right beside your cabin
  34. We have a mind-blowing bar over the lake
  35. We can guarantee you will feel relaxed whilst here
  36. The Lake water is drinkable since it is a flowing lake (very fresh and clean)
  37. You can go fishing and let us cook your freshly caught fishes
  38. We have a hiking trail
  39. The Lake water is always warm
  40. You can make a sand castle on the beach
  41. We have our own airstrip
  42. You can tour the entire lake with our speed boat
  43. You can tour the entire Cinderella County
  44. We have a lawn tennis court with night lights
  45. Overnight guests have free access to all our games and entertainment facilities
  46. You can call reception from your cabin by pressing zero on the telephone
  47. You can access the internet via Wi-Fi at any location in our vast complex
  48. You have full phone signal on the beach
  49. You can sing karaoke all night long
  50. You can order whatever you feel like eating


Now it’s your turn to give us just one reason why you should not visit us…