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The Lake of Mainstay is the biggest attraction for the resort. It is the very reason for the existence of the resort. As mentioned on the onset, the leaves from the surrounding forests help to create a “therapeutic” lake by draining their contents in the water. This is incredible since there are also variations in temperature at different depths making it capable of alleviating arthritis aches and muscle pains. Subsequently, relaxing in the warm areas of this giant reservoir (which is generated from the hot springs located at the bed of the lake) is much regarded as “Spa” by a lot of visitors who finds it hard to want to leave the water whilst relaxing in it. It is fascinating to know that lots of our visitors drink the lake water and fill containers to take back home with the aim to continue drinking one teaspoon of it each day since this helps to prevent and eliminate the common cold and fever. Another intriguing aspect of the lake is its ability to leave your skin with a visually cleaner and fresher appearance largely because of the rich content obtained from the abundant flora surrounding the lake.