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The Cinderella Lodges

These lodges are located in a garden setting and are grouped nicely along a walkway of flowers. The feeling experienced while going to these cabins after a swim in the lake is similar to the feeling of walking down a street while going to your home. The “at-home” feeling is widely because of the privacy you receive from these separated lodges. Ideally, these lodges will suite large groups of families, religious groups, conference groups or any other large group at any one time.


  • Type: Two bedrooms
  • Occupancy: 4 Persons
  • Bed: Queen Sized
  • Amenities: Air Conditioning Unit, Refrigerator, Television, Wi-Fi, Telephone, Seating (rocking chairs) & Wardrobe
  • Front Porch: Yes
  • Fully Self-Contained

The name of this group of lodges is dedicated to the Region of the Essequibo Coast. Why? They once called Essequibo Coast the ‘Cinderella County.’

Rice farming is the main agricultural activity on the Essequibo Coast

‘Cinderella,’ according to a 1983 edition of Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary, is “a girl whose beauty or merit is for a time unrecognized.”

People usually refer to a Country or place using the feminine gender. And it is possible that whoever gave Essequibo Coast its name did so with a vision of the coast one day becoming recognizable for its virtually pristine beauty and natural resource endowment, as well as the resolve of Government and the county’s inhabitants to transform it into Guyana’s premier growth zone.

Hence, the name ‘Cinderella’ with which the Essequibo Coast has been labeled for years and years is no longer just that. So many changes have taken place for the advancement of the people and the country that it would not be easy to enumerate all.

What has happened over the last twenty years has not only changed the landscape and uplifted the residents of the Essequibo Coast to a better standard of living; it has also brought new hope to an area of Guyana long neglected, long forgotten. Lake Mainstay Resort is a part of the changes that vastly assisted in the development of the region.

A black water canal on the Essequibo Coast

A black water creek on the Essequibo Coast