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These lodges are the largest group of buildings in the vast complex of the resort. They are in the center of a beautiful garden with trees and flower plants surrounding the buildings. The “Yarulla square” is a spectacular vicinity for camping and hanging out. These superb groups of cabins enjoy a close proximity to the lake since they are directly behind the Lake View Cabins. These lodges when combined can accommodate a minimum of 60 persons! They are very spacious and therefore will suite large groups of families, religious groups, conference groups or any other large group at any one time.


  • Type: Two bedrooms
  • Occupancy: 4 Persons
  • Bed: Queen Sized
  • Amenities: Air Conditioning Unit, Refrigerator, Television, Wi-Fi, Telephone, Seating (includes one rocking chair) & Wardrobe
  • Front Porch: Yes
  • Fully Self-Contained