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“Horoshi” is an Arawak word meaning “belly-full”. Lake Mainstay Resort offers a unique experience which will arouse a local discovery of tastes and senses far beyond imagination. It is a guarantee that you will be served the most exclusive gastronomic delights.

At our Horoshi Restaurant, meals are inspired by purely Guyanese tradition & style along with a fusion of exotic flavors and classic Caribbean cooking skills.

The legacy created here is that every meal we serve is served hot and all foods cooked are fresh! Our style of operation is that when an order is placed then the meal is prepared. This gives us an opportunity to avoid the unnecessary wastage of food but more importantly it allows us to ensure all our guests get the freshest, yummiest & healthiest food.

Guests having lunch in the restaurant.

Much of the greens and vegetables used to cook are grown in our kitchen garden which is located in the compound of Lake Mainstay Resort and is strictly organic. The local juices we serve are from fruits picked from the many fruit trees in the compound. Vegetables, greens, fruits, etc. are reaped on a daily basis to serve all guests the best meals possible.

Guests love the coconut water we serve with meals. The coconut trees are grown on a different soil type (white sand) and therefore have a special sweetness which will make you experience a “taste from space”. Coconuts are picked fresh and then served to ensure the best quality.

This area of “Mainstay/Whyaka Village” is known for its “world famous” pineapple which is of extraordinary sweetness. It is officially called “Sugar Loaf”! There is a pineapple processing factory which was set up to export pineapple chunks to France and the United Kingdom to share with those in Europe the fantastic delicacy of Mainstay’s Pineapple. This pineapple is usually served in our restaurant as a part of breakfast.

Visiting us and experiencing the magic of Mainstay will definitely be an unforgettable experience. You will always remember that we speak the “good food” language and we will take you for a ride beyond the boundaries of taste!