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Annual Regatta

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A Regatta is generally known as a series of boat races. However, a regatta at Lake Mainstay Resort is more than just a boat racing series…it is an event! With months of preparation and fine tuning each year, this mega event in Mainstay has become one of the largest annual events in Guyana each year. As a matter of fact, Mainstay’s annual regatta is on the Nation’s Calendar of Annual Events where the Government of Guyana gets involved.

Regattas at Lake Mainstay Resort are unlike any other in the Country. We have been rated to have the most organized and professional regatta event in the Country each year. A racer can walk away with millions of dollars after a competition. Live performances after the main event are like dessert after a hearty meal. Approximately eight thousand persons are expected to be in attendance each year! The magic of regattas in Mainstay is created by the complex blend of people from all walks of life with differences in age, religion, ethnicity, standard, social level and nationality. Lots of overseas visitors are usually a part of the audience. The Ministry of Tourism collaborates with Lake Mainstay Resort to make this event what it is.

Regattas at Mainstay cannot be easily described in words because nothing beats the experience! Even if you visit our events photo gallery for some pictures of what the regatta looks like, you still cannot know what it really is. Our regatta is not something to be seen…it is something to be experienced. Come next regatta and enjoy the experience!